Welcome to the Arctic Retreat of silence

Sustainability. Silence. Pure nature. Wilderness. Auroras. Eight seasons.

Totovaara is an unique sustainable destination where you will get to experience eight seasons of pure arctic nature. Totovaara has a long history from 1950’s when it was a base for hard working loggers. Since the time for loggers camp Totovaara has been a base for bigger and smaller groups of travelers whose holiday is based on experiences from nature and sustainable lifestyle. Arctic nature inspires artists and opens new possibilities for concentrating in silent yoga. If wishing to visit the trails of the Ylläs-Pallas national park – tracks starts from our backyard. You can hike, drive with a mountain/fat bike, snowshoe or ski on the routes around the national park based on your own plan – with free. Why wouldn’t you also pick blueberries or cloudberries to make some pie or jam.


Totovaara’s sauna is the source for legends and mythical stories told from generations to the next. Can there be any better way to relax than laying in sauna with the sound of fire from “kiuas” (fireplace). ‘Vasta’ – a traditional birch whisk brings the fresh taste of summer to the steam with the relaxing influence of menthol. Sustainability is based on the clean water taken from a stream from the mountain. Totovaara is heated on firewood provided by surrounding forests. Firestones are unique made from “vuolukivi” which stores the heat for hours. Cooking the food can happen in a gas- or a wood oven. Solar panels with batteries provide interior light with the additional natural light from candles during the darkest time from December to February. Ecological dry toilets result in recyclable waste to fertilize the trees, bushes and arctic flowers.


You can choose accommodation from small cozy cabins for two or four persons or reserve the main building with beds up to 20 persons. Do not hesitate to ask an offer for a tailored experience package including heating, water, food, outdoor activities and necessary transportation. Totovaara and its unique surroundings and program based on pure nature – snow – ice – Auroras – midnight sun and silence will guarantee the lifelong memories and bring you back another time. The magic of the Arctic will hit without noise. The prices shown below are for the self-orientated guest for accommodation and free use of the sauna.

Joutsen (Swan) – cabin for two persons. Riekko and Kuukkeli for four persons.

Weekend  300€
Week        500€

The main building – for max 20 persons

Weekend  800€  (February – April 1000€)
Week        2000€ (February – April 3000€)

Sauna – max 10 persons
1 hour sauna 10€/person.


Enhance the connection between yourself and nature during arctic hikes, eco-forest walks, reindeer or husky drives, kayaking trips or just standing under Auroras in silence. Together with yoga, meditation or sauna bathing sessions, achieve wellness and relaxation at this eco-friendly retreat. Totovaara’s overall design is an epitome of sustainable wood architecture. Arctic spruce forest and birch trees can be seen around the buildings. Our location next to the Ylläs-Pallas national park will get you easy access to nature to learn about the wildlife and environment. Ask for tailored content for your arctic expedition either with hiking – biking – skiing or other wellness or cultural content.

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Arctic Nature

Forests surrounding the Totovaara retreat have therapeutic qualities.
Especially during the summer time you can taste the smell of the resin, trees and forest. The trees fill the air with oxygen and phytoncides (antimicrobial vapor spread from plants and resin). ‘Forest bathing’ can boost our immune system and overall well-being as well as reducing the blood pressure.

People in the Arctic have always been living in the balance with vulnerable nature

From the natural materials used in the eco-designed traditional log architecture, to the use of renewable solar energy, Totovaara actively promotes eco-sustainability. Local restaurants in Kittilä, Ylläs and Levi respect the local environment, the healthy and organic cuisine using fresh ingredients including Nordic fish, reindeer meet, berries and vegetables.
We want to encourage modern people to take care of our common planet.

What we do for sustainability?

  • Locally sourced, reclaimed, reused, renewable materials like logs, stones
  • Composting
  • Reducing the carbon footprint
  • Energy-efficient lighting and wood heating from sustainably harvested wood.
  • Use of sustainable/recycled materials
  • Clean drinking and washing water is straightly taken from stream from mountains.

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